Catholic Church Sets Their Sights on Payday Loans

According to a March 9, 2016 article in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, the Catholic Church has gotten on the band wagon against auto title and payday loan lenders. Jennifer Allmon, who works for the Catholic Conference in Texas as Associate Director, made the following comment about servers that off the best payday loans. She said, “The […]

New Payday Lending Laws In Canada in Effect

According to a radio news report on March 10, 2016, a proposal in Edmonton that promises to end lending fast payday loans came as a surprise to members of the Canadian Payday Loan Association. The legislation, which was announced initially during Canada’s Throne Speech, on March 8, 2016, was elaborated on further by officials in […]

Payday Loans Make the Top 10 List of Gripes in Michigan

According to a recent article in the Detroit Free Press, Michigan consumers list payday loans as well as debt collection practices among the top consumer complaints in the state. Bill Schuette, the state’s Attorney General, shared a “Top 10 Consumer Complaints” listing, based on almost 9,000 complaints that were filed with the AG’s office in […]

Alabama Lawmakers Debating the Fate of Payday Loans

Alabama lawmakers are currently listening to advocates and critics of payday and title loan financing. While advocates suggest that Alabama payday loans are important for people struggling from day to day, critics are saying that the loans are nothing more than “consumer debt traps.” A public hearing, lasting two hours, was held by the state’s […]

Church in Alabama Paying Off Its Members Payday Loans

The Worship Center Christian Church announced during church services in Birmingham, Alabama that it will be paying off the debts of 48 people who applied for online payday loans and are still struggling to pay them off. The church, which regularly sees 3,000 people in its Bessemer and Birmingham locations, said that the loans, slated […]

Payday Loans are Now Referred to As Flex Loans

Cue in the music from the movie “Jaws” as the payday loan is being resurrected in Arizona. According to the Arizona Republic, the House Ways and Means Committee is working on passing a bill that makes charging usurious interest rates legal in Arizona. A bill that allowed triple-digit financing was rejected in committee prior to […]

How to Build a Relationship with Banks to Receive Loans

Retail banking is an industry that revolves around relationships as much as it does money. Without relationships, it would be extremely difficult to operate as a lending or investing institution, simply because of the sheer amount of trust that is required to engage in the variety of complex transactions that take place throughout the retail […]

Why Banks Make it Hard to Obtain a Loan

It can sometimes be frustrating for new bank customers to obtain a loan from their bank, even if they have a strong credit score and income. The banking industry depends as much on relationships as it does financing, newer customers will often find themselves having difficulty obtaining loans beyond a minimum amount, or for a […]

Find Out How Debt Collection Agencies Can Impact Your Credit Score

Dealing with a collections account can be a stressful ordeal, even for a borrower that is willing and able to pay out the account as soon as it is recognized. Just because a collections account gets paid out, doesn’t mean that it will leave the credit bureau right away, or even adjust to show the […]

How 3rd Parties Can Ruin Your Credit Score

Collections accounts on a credit bureau will seriously harm a borrower’s ability to access funds from banks. They show an unwillingness to pay, and in some cases, a history for leaving banks with losses on their investments into a consumer loan. However, there are a number of situations where a borrower might have a collections […]