Death of QE (Quantitative Easing) Stimulus Package and Effects on Investors

Its official, the Federal Reserve has begun a discussion to determine how and when it is that they will begin slowing down and terminating their controversial QE stimulus package. While the details surrounding the announcement were intentionally vague, the mere notion that the stimulus campaign is coming to an end will certainly stir up the […]

Adobe Systems Subscription Model Reverse Engineered

Recently, Adobe announced a huge adjustment to their business model. They are shifting from a fixed sale model, which involves selling software licences to businesses for thousands of dollars at a time, towards a model that charges companies on a monthly basis indefinitely. This is a very dramatic shift, in that it changes the company […]

Investment Strategies That Have Proven to Produce the Greatest Returns

The ability of investors to out-perform their indexed benchmarks has long been a subject of discussion among finance professionals. On the one hand, hedge funds and day-traders have shown returns that exceed beyond market-levels as a result of their purported ability to time the movements of security prices based on statistical and technical information. That […]

Investing in Iraq Worth the Risk?

Amidst continuing violence and a continuing trend of political infighting, an interesting investment opportunity has been brought to light by the researchers at TGSF and Euphrates Advisers. By breaking down the economic trends of the country after the intervention of US forces, and comparing its economic growth afterwards against that of Russia (the only other […]

View How Sensitive ‘Convexity’ Bonds are to Interest Rate Changes

Bond prices tend to move in accordance to changes in the overall interest-rate environment with varying degrees of sensitivity. This trait, known as convexity, represents how dramatically a bonds price will respond to a change in interest rates, given its current price point and coupon payment schedule. What’s important to recognize about this aspect of […]

Are Government Bonds Still Considered a ‘Safe’ Investment?

Investment banks have recently started to question the integrity of the US treasury markets (bond bubble). By comparing their current price points (which are particularly high given the state of their economic context) and the imbalance between the risk and reward associated with their potential ability to continue creating returns over the years, investors have […]

Are Bonds Still a Safe Investment, ‘Bond Bubble’ Coming Soon?

Bond prices have been defining the last decade of market returns as they continually escalate in an uncertain environment. While the continuing demand for ‘risk-free’ assets would be considered an essential part of the accepted market portfolio, the progression of bond markets since the 1980’s have created a situation that seems to be leading towards […]

Is Gold a Good Investment at $1300 Dollars?

April’s gold crash has brought prices back down from unprecedented levels that were holding steady earlier for the year. With prices reduced by more than 10% in less than a week, questions have been raised about whether or not such volatility is representative of the intangible nature of the commodity, and as to whether or […]

How a Margin Squeeze Can Affect Your Investment Portfolio

Margin squeezes become an issue for personal investors after an unexpected decline in the market puts institutional portfolios below their margin requirements. This means that the major portfolios are required to sell off portions of their portfolios (at any price available) in order to shore up their investment accounts with additional cash collateral. Looking at […]

Battle of the Investments: Owning a Rental Property vs Purchasing REIT

Real Estate Investment Trusts are a major income source for modern real estate investors to take advantage of. Their ability to provide extremely high yields, while securing the equity’s tangible value through the possession of tangible fixed assets puts investors in about as strong an investment position as any other high quality positions. From there, […]