How to Build a Relationship with Banks to Receive Loans

Retail banking is an industry that revolves around relationships as much as it does money. Without relationships, it would be extremely difficult to operate as a lending or investing institution, simply because of the sheer amount of trust that is required to engage in the variety of complex transactions that take place throughout the retail […]

Why Banks Make it Hard to Obtain a Loan

It can sometimes be frustrating for new bank customers to obtain a loan from their bank, even if they have a strong credit score and income. The banking industry depends as much on relationships as it does financing, newer customers will often find themselves having difficulty obtaining loans beyond a minimum amount, or for a […]

Find Out How Debt Collection Agencies Can Impact Your Credit Score

Dealing with a collections account can be a stressful ordeal, even for a borrower that is willing and able to pay out the account as soon as it is recognized. Just because a collections account gets paid out, doesn’t mean that it will leave the credit bureau right away, or even adjust to show the […]

How 3rd Parties Can Ruin Your Credit Score

Collections accounts on a credit bureau will seriously harm a borrower’s ability to access funds from banks. They show an unwillingness to pay, and in some cases, a history for leaving banks with losses on their investments into a consumer loan. However, there are a number of situations where a borrower might have a collections […]

Learn What Services You Purchase Run Credit Checks

If is common knowledge that a personal credit bureau is composed of a list of debts that a borrower has taken out in the past, including their amounts and repayment history. What many borrowers don’t realize is that is more to the modern credit bureau than simply debt products. With the increasing prevalence of contractual […]

What is a Collections Account and How Does it Affects Your Credit Rating

Borrowers have an unfortunate tendency to find out about the negative aspects of their credit bureaus during the credit application itself, when it’s already too late to clean up the situation before it gets recognized by the bank. Collections accounts are the most difficult of these negative aspects to keep track of, correct, or even […]

Types of loans that are reported to credit bureaus and could affect your credit score

Building up a credit history is a pretty serious undertaking for personal savers. It involves keeping track of a variety of payments to ensure that they harmonize with incoming cash flows, and then balancing all of these different payments with the financial goals that incurred the debts in the first place. While it can be […]

Taking Advantage of Credit Card Purchase Protection Programs

Credit card purchase protection programs are becoming an increasingly standardized feature with most issuers, but is possibly one of the least understood aspects of the card itself. It not only allows a buyer to protect themselves against unauthorized usage of a compromised card, but can also provide users with an extended warranty, or even theft […]

Using High End Artwork as Collateral for Bank Loans

Lending practices against intangible collateral is an interesting subject to look into. On the one hand, I’ve encountered situations where a bank will refuse to lend against one perfectly maintained luxury vehicle because it is 8 years old, but then go ahead and lend against another similar luxury car that is in much worse condition, […]

Piotroski’s F-Score Investment Strategy Explained

Piotroski’s F-Score has consistently topped the annualized return charts as one of the best fundamental investment strategies for positive returns. This article is going to break down what the F-Score strategy really measures, how it works, and most importantly, how to use it in a personal investment portfolio. While we can’t guarantee +25% annualized returns […]