Putting Today’s Bear Stock Market Into Context

Declines in today’s financial markets are generally exhibiting downward trends, despite some nominal growth resulting from aggressive inflation policies from central banks. That being said, while the down-time has seemingly lasted for a long enough period of time to arguably take us to the end of it, we need to look at how it is […]

What Caused Stocks to Fall in April

The latest down-turn in the stock markets turned out to be particularly jarring for investors of all levels of sophistication. In terms of magnitude, the April ‘flash crash’ came along as a 7-sigma event, meaning that statistical probability of such a drop using technical analysis would be somewhere less than 0.001%. While technicians will accept […]

Why the Stock Market Could Decline in 2013

Looking at how the cash for continued market growth in 2013 has a tangible backing in both the profitability of international expansions, and the external market influences driving the markets, we might be inclined to start rotating assets into equity markets to take advantage of growth going into the rest of the year. That being […]

The Case for Continued Growth in the 2013 Stock Market

We’re seeing record high levels in stock indexes this year, but it’s leaving analysts with mixed feelings about whether or not this is a sign of real growth, or just another bull run caused by artificial macro-conditions. While there remains quite a bit of confusion in today’s markets, we can take a moment to break […]