Student Debt in the US (Infographic)

Student Debt By the Numbers

According to, to find yourself at the “crossroads” is defined as entering a crucial point of uncertainty in a person’s life. Nowadays, this seems to be a term that’s far more suited towards educated graduates, than ever before.

Let’s face it — times are tough. As job opportunities wane while student debt spikes, many U.S. graduates find themselves facing the age ole’ quandary: “Now, that I’I’ve got myself an education… how on earth do I pay for it?”

Though the importance of obtaining higher education has long-been ingrained as building blocks towards achieving the American dream, a shaky job market (and an even shakier economy) does little to quench the uncertainties of the typical 25-year old — unpaid — intern.

If you’re among the millions of scholastically-sound Americans, eagerly seeking a life more rewarding than mom’s pullout futon, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, you can only join ranks alongside the sullen majority of post-collegiates; anxiously waiting for the egg of economic rebirth to finally hatch.

Did you know that $14 million worth of debt is incurred by Americans, ages 30 and younger? Even more alarming? The 37 million Americans who are currently hindered by outstanding, student loans! To better gauge the severity of this unsettling debt crisis, take a look at some additional facts that we’we’ve bulleted in our feature infographic, below.



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