How to Profit from a Currency War Through Commodity Producers

Creating profitable investment positions in the middle of a currency war requires a sophisticated understanding of inflation fundamentals. In this understanding, we can see how there are few strategic ways to mitigate monetary policy risks through asset allocation into both commodities, and companies with a heavy reliance on fixed assets. By then differentiating these two […]

How to Profit from a Currency war Through Competing Exporters

The implications of a currency war are in favor of both volatility, and fundamental shifts in value. This means that there are opportunities in currency markets experiencing competitive devaluations for a clever investor to earn a profit on the shifts. By understanding how it is that currency trends impact the overall investment landscape, an investor […]

How to Protect Yourself From a Currency War

Whether it cause a reduction to our personal net worth, a lower salary, or an increased overall cost of living, competitive currency devaluations can have an impact on our daily lives. The trick is to then make sure that we can protect our personal nest eggs from these risks that are beyond our control. We […]

How a Currency War Can Threaten Your Personal Savings

Saving in the middle of a volatile currency market can be a particularly stressful endeavor. Even if the funds we consider are only personal savings, they can be subject to the risks of a currency war as much as those of an investor. Between the fluctuations in comparative values, the changing costs of related goods […]

What is a Currency War and How Does it Work?

Currency values have been thrust into the headlines this month as countries begin discussing their monetary policies for the coming year. Specifically, a theme of inflation-heavy policies that will both stimulate the economy and depreciate a local currency is emerging. While this is a normal course of action for governments to pursue during a financial […]