Assumptions About the Next Kondratiev Growth Wave in 2015

Having looked at how Kondratiev cycles can be used to define the broad-trends that define economic growth as a function of the technologies that are leveraged into the markets, we can start to look at the expanding research that has described the next potential growth cycle in store for the global markets. That being said, […]

History of the Kondratiev Cycle

As a representation of how technological growth in an economy will create a 60year boom/bust cycle through over-investment and over-saturation of supply, the Kondratiev cycle is able to describe approximately 6 major periods of market movements as a function of innovation. By digging into how it is that these cycles of prosperity and poverty emerged […]

Understanding the Kondratiev Cycle and the Stock Market

In the late 1920s, a Soviet economist by the name of Nikolai Kondratiev proposed the existence of an overarching generalization that defines the greater movements of the markets over the course of 54-60 years (ie. two generations of a workforce’s career span). Similarly to how it is that the Elliot Wave theory defines market cycles […]